Monday, December 20, 2010

First One (December 19, 2010)

so my best friend Nika Lynn made me get this. I love her so i'm doing this. lol. plus I think it'll be kinda cool. we shall see.
So far today has been good. I slept til like 1 this afternoon and I did some clothes and had a great relaxing shower.  Watching the second movie of the day. First it was "Snow" and now it's "Snow 2 Brain Freeze"
I've gotta get ready for work in a little while. Anyway i guess now i'll say what's been going on with me...

Friday December 17th John and I lost someone extremely close to our hearts. Ms Gayle Shoemaker passed away Friday afternoon. Thank goodness both of our bosses were so understanding and allowed us time off. It's been really hard the last few days. She didn't want any services so the Sunday before Mardi Gras there is going to be a memorial/party in her honor. it's the way she would have wanted it. She was loved by everyone who knew her and she will always be missed.
On a more cheerful note Christmas in only a few days away and i couldnt be more excited. Christmas eve it's presents with my grandparents and then Christmas morning it's presents with my love and then with my parents and off to Uncle Kurts for Christmas lunch, once that's done it's off to spend the rest of Christmas with John's family. I can't wait! Oh and I got to meet Johns little sister, Leah yesterday =] she's adoreable!

Then after Cristmas it's time to really crack down on packing since we are moving on January 2. I cant wait to be back in Paradis =]

Oh and i'm not going to Nicholls State any more. I'll be going to Herzing starting January 12.
I'll write again when i get a chance.


  1. so this is kinda like a "public" diary? Do I have to go somewhere special to see it?

    <3 U! Mom

  2. yeah pretty much.
    idk if its somewhere special. im new to this lol. i'd just save the link to ur fav's...i think if ur a "follower" it'll send u an email or something if i not sure though. lol
    <3 you too!

  3. first thank you!!!!! i find it so hard to connect through facebook when i want to stop being so personal on it, and texting cant get everything out & we're both so busy so we never call as much lol
    so again thank you, this means *mucho* much to me <3
    whats herzing? & whatever makes you happy girlie? does that mean your majors changing? or what?
    mama a, you should add me lol :D
    and who was mrs shoemaker? & to the both of you, i am sorry for your loss.
    again thanks again amanda, i think this will help!! i love you through a hundred marshmallows and more!!

  4. No problem. Ive been kinda thinking about it. Herzing is a small college. Major is human resources. Mrs shoemaker was a woman who john lived with for a few years. She and her husband are like his second parents. She was amazing. She passed away from an infection that was caused by being 'backed up". Its a major loss. But she is in a better place and we have another guardian angel watching over us.

  5. thats so sad.
    i know what its like to have second families, many of them (including yours) tell john i am sorry. but another guardain angel is always nice.
    and as long as my best is still going to college or still trying to make something of herself, im always *proud*