Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Changes Lately

In the last few weeks a lot of things have changed. I'll just jump right in.

1) John & I have moved from ur Thibodaux apartment in the middle of nothing to a house on Old Spanish Trail in Paradis. It's right by my parents and a half hour from his family. 40 mins from his job and about 5 mins from mine. and 25 mins from school for me.

2) I dropped from Nicholls and my first class at Herzing is tomorrow night. I'll be majoring in Human Resources. I think I'll be good at it =]
3) Once we moved we brought Tiger (my cat that my mom has been taking care of) into the house and he adjusted pretty quick to his new house. Now he's trying to get used to the puppy.

4) Saturday we adopted a 10 week old beagle/jack russle terrier mix puppy. We named her Anna Belle =]
since we adopted her she was been diagnosed with parvo and is currently being treated. i believe she will recover just fine. I recomend Destrehan Animal Hospital to anyone in the area =]

5) My dad is considering giving up his Chief position. It makes me sad but i understand his reasons (people are lazy and wont take responsibility).

6) I'm starting back at the daycare on Monday. I'm still not sure what class i'll be in and what my exact schedule will be. But hey I'll be working, right?

7) I'm loving talking to my sister again <3 and i'm so happy for her and eric =]

Enough with the list of on to a little rant
honestly i thought when i moved back to St Charles my old friends would want to hang out and catch up...well i guess it doesnt matter where i live... but what ever. when they want to hang out i'll prolly forget how i feel in this moment and get over it.

i feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and boyfriend so close to me.
i love nika and cant wait to spend time with her as soon as i can. i wish we were closer but everyday i realize that the best of friends can go a really long time without talking or seeing eachother and pick up right where they left off the last time.

alright i'm done!
love always,
amee jo! xoxo

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