Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm feeling pretty accomplished today =] I worked this working, then studied and printed my paper for one of my classes. After that I headed to campus where I met with my advisor and took my final exam for one of my classes. I'm pretty confident I did well on my exam. Guess what I found out when talking to my advisor? I only have 8 more classes to take before I earn my associates! yayyy! I'm super excited to know this! I'm going to take two classes each half of the summer and two classes fall 2012 and two classes spring 2013! Then I will be done!

Alright, I know yesterday I said I would walk on the treadmill and ride the bike... But all I did was the treadmill. I was tired after work and taking that exam... plus John kept me up later than I would have liked. Excuses aside, I did do 30mins on the treadmill on fat burn level 2! So I did have a more intense workout, just not longer... That still counts right? I hope so...

Anyway as I was about half way through my workout a good friend of mine, Brad, called me. Brad has got to be one of my favorite people! He doesn't frown at me when I've made a mistake, he understand $hi+ happens. Anyway he and Jared are refinancing their house and needed another witness. I was pretty excited, even though all it was, was me signing a paper saying I was there, I felt important and it was the first time I ever got to sign as a witness. 

Instead of getting ice cream, John and I went to Let's Top It...This is a frozen yogurt bar... Yummm they had my favorite-cake batter. and John had rocky road... So so so good! If you're reading this... What's your favorite frozen yogurt? Or low fat dessert?


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